5 Reasons Why You Need A WordPress Maintenance Expert

As a small business owner, you have plenty to keep you busy. There simply isn’t time for an issue with your WordPress website to sporadically crop up.

What if there was someone who could step-in at the last minute to address sudden WordPress issues and keep your website running smoothly? In this article, we are going to explore how a WordPress maintenance expert can ensure you have time for the important parts of running your business.

1. Improve Your WordPress Site Speed

Have you ever clicked on a search result, only to be greeted by a landing page that never loads, no matter how many times you refresh it? Consumers do not have time to be waiting around for your website to load. If you’re experiencing low session duration numbers with your website, it could be down to slow site speed.

To strengthen your website’s ability to be a valuable marketing asset, you should hire an on-demand WordPress maintenance expert. Ensuring exceptional site speed requires regular tweaks, it’s not a one time fix. A WordPress maintenance expert can keep your site loading time under 3 seconds, bolstering your sales funnel and improving user experience.

2. Enhance Your WordPress Site Security

It has never been more essential to have strong WordPress site security. Anyone who has been a victim of a data breach knows only too well the importance of security. WordPress offers many plugins that promise to take care of this issue for you, but with ever more sophisticated hacking methods, many of these plugins often fall short of the mark.

When the unexpected happens, you need to have someone on-hand and available to save the day. A WordPress maintenance expert will be able to help you keep your website safe and secure, updating your plugins and backing up your data. Their support will give you peace of mind in situations of angst and uncertainty.

3. Receive Specialist WordPress Support

Platforms like Upwork and Fiver connect you with developers who are paid per project. On the surface, this seems like a cost-effective option, but this will only get you so far. Unfortunately the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’ couldn’t be more appropriate. These maintenance experts often have dozens of other clients clamoring for their attention, so you cannot always guarantee that they will be available in your hour of need.

At Work Hero, we have verified WordPress experts available 24/7 with high-scalability. You can rest assured that we will always be able to support you through any challenges that you face with your WordPress website.

In a moment of crisis, the last thing that you want to be doing is scrolling through an online forum to try and find a solution to your problem. There really is no substitute for having a real person on-hand who can guide you towards a solution. Having technical human support available to you at all times is an invaluable asset.

4. Boost Your WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most of us have some SEO knowledge, but it often just consists of standard advice. Perhaps you took a course a couple of years ago and have rigorously applied everything you learned to your own website, but haven’t seen results. Google has a habit of altering and adjusting its search engine algorithms on a periodic basis, adding complexities to search ranking factors.

It can be hard work to get to the top of the search rankings, but a WordPress maintenance expert can put the groundwork in place to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and ready to be crawled with ease by Google.

5. Use Your Time More Productively

Perhaps the single most important thing that a WordPress maintenance expert could do for you, is to give you an extra hour each day. Pouring over WordPress FAQs, reformatting images, and twiddling with page layouts is hardly an effective use of your time as a small business owner.  

Handing all of these tedious tasks over to a WordPress maintenance expert can truly feel like a weight off your shoulders. You need to give yourself more time to spend on the parts of your business where you can genuinely add value, such as sales calls and meetings with prospective customers.

At Work Hero, we want to be able to take a weight off your shoulders and conduct regular maintenance on your WordPress website, ensuring that this marketing asset is working to the best of its ability to drive growth for your business.
Are you ready to say goodbye to all of those annoying WordPress headaches? Get started with Work Hero today!