SEO tips with Viola Eva of Flow SEO

Everyone needs SEO for their business, and WordPress is a great way to go to maximize your success.

We got a chance to chat with SEO pro Viola Eva of, who gives some excellent ideas on the topic:

How did you get your start with SEO?

I first learned about SEO when I was working as a project manager for a startup in Berlin. It was an online marketplace for rental apartments and I was overseeing the external agencies as part of my work.
I got into SEO as a service in late 2017. It all started with me writing content. My infamous first piece was an ultimate guide on growing marijuana indoor. :D

What types of businesses do you work with?

Our client base is broad and diverse but they are all 100% digital businesses, ranging from successful, well-known email clients and communications software to e-commerce stores and peak-performance coaching. We value each client, whether they are large corporations or brand-new startups. In fact, we have received some of our biggest successes from the "little guys," which is always something that we're extremely proud to achieve through hard work and innovative thinking.

What are some of your success stories, specifically?

I consider my speaking career a personal success. I got to talk about SEO at big industry events such as UnGagged, WordCamp, Search Marketing Summit, SEOKomm, or Friends of Search.

How have you seen the SEO industry change since you’ve been involved? What are the latest trends you see working well?

A few years ago, everyone was talking about voice search and AMP. Now we talk about E-A-T, schema markup and search intent. At the core, SEO is still very much about content and links since Google is still a text-based crawler. I actually love that Google gets better at understanding content and search intent. Less spam, more high-quality evergreen in-depth pieces win the race now.

Is WordPress still the best platform for online businesses?

When you're hoping to create a customized website without much manual development, WordPress makes this process much more straightforward than other platforms and is difficult to beat. However, Shopify definitely offers its own more simplified interface, which can be perfect for e-commerce companies.

Do you have any general tips for business owners to set up SEO on their site to kick ass?

As simple as it may seem, it really does begin with content. When you're filling your blog with beneficial how-to guides, you can use this opportunity to help those posts rank. For starters, begin with a primary keyword, which will be used in your post title, the first and last paragraphs, meta title and description. I could give SEO tips all day, but this is a good starting point for a company writing new content or hoping to optimize older posts.

What are your favorite SEO plugins?

I use SEOPress for WordPress. But I am very SEO plugin agnostic.

How would you go about scaling a digital agency with SEO?

If you look at it, any digital agency is already primed for the offering of SEO services. Numerous aspects of a digital agency already implement successful SEO strategies, whether they realize it or not. If an agency is already offering Outreach or Digital PR services, then those successful end results are used to bolster SEO. So, offering a continuation of both on-page, off-page, and backend SEO services is actually the obvious next step for growth.