How to Easily Change the Font Size in WordPress

Changing the font size within your WordPress site is a fantastic way in order to add some individuality. However, not all WordPress websites and themes are the same and not every user is at the same skill level. While some users may prefer a manual CSS/code option, others may prefer a more simple, straightforward option. We’re going to take a look at how to change the font size in WordPress, so you can start personalizing your site towards your own unique preferences.

Using Paragraph Headings

One of the simplest ways to change font size in any WordPress site is to use paragraph headings. Using paragraph headings is a quick and easy way in order to break up different sections on your website, while also creating text that’s more visually appealing to users. Due to the sheer amount of information that can be found online, most users have short attention spans,and you’ll really only have a few seconds in order to grab it. Changing up the size of your font with paragraph headings can help with this. tells us why using paragraph headings is a great way to easily change your font size and grab your reader’s attention:

Using A WordPress Font Plugin

If you have decided to integrate WordPress plugins on your website, you’ll have plenty of options to personalize font to your preferences. There are many plugins available that are specifically created to give you endless options in terms of font, or you may have font options integrated with the plugins you’ve already chosen. Either way, WordPress font plugins are a great way to easily adjust the size of your text, especially if you’re not particularly tech savvy. 

WPEngine expands on why using a WordPress font plugin might be a good idea:

“If you don’t characterize yourself as particularly tech-savvy or simply don’t want to mess with code, using a plugin to adjust font styles is the route for you. The reality is that many people turn to WordPress because coding is alien to them. Within the plugin directory there are plenty of free font resources that can help you get your desired design.”

Manually Adding CSS

If you feel confident with code, you may prefer to manually adjust your text using CSS. While some may prefer to use CSS in order to adjust text to their preferences, others will prefer the simpler option of the other above two methods. No matter your preference, CSS is a great way to alter your text on your WordPress website to your exact vision.

Hostinger Tutorials explains how you can go the traditional route of using CSS for changing font size in WordPress:

“...the classic way requires CSS and might be a little bit more tricky. However, when using a plugin or the default WordPress editor, you need to do the change for every post and page. Using CSS changes the font size for the whole site. Changing the font size using CSS requires adding lines of codes. You can do this via the editor or Customiser. But, we recommend the customiser as it is the easier method.”

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