Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Agency

More than 409 million people look up at least 20 billion pages supported by WordPress every month. The popularity of the content management system can be linked to its ease of use. Website designers, developers, and business owners with no programming background can use WordPress to create a custom website.

Despite being relatively easy to use, most people turn to WordPress maintenance agencies for help. This is because a WordPress-powered website needs plenty of monitoring and care to flourish.

Consider this scenario. Your website was created some time back. No one actively maintains it, but it works just fine.

One time, it gets suspended for containing malware. Google stops it from showing up in search results. There is a simple way to keep this from happening. Get WordPress maintenance services from experts.

Read on to find great reasons why a WordPress maintenance agency is the best option for you.

1. Enhanced Security

WordPress is used by about 43% of all active websites. The same popularity is witnessed with blogs. Around 97% of blogs utilize WordPress services.

There are many popular plugins and page builders that allow functionality for a good deal of users. These plugins are created by thousands of other developers whether small or renowned. They are usually easily accessible for quick installation and setup.

The popularity and decentralization of development set WordPress up as a target for hackers and viruses. If a vulnerability is discovered, it can be used to take user data or carry out phishing attacks.

Obtaining WordPress support from a qualified maintenance agency will keep such attacks at bay. An agency will first make sure that plugins and the WordPress core are updated. They will also ensure that the website and hosting setups are sound.

Finally, a WordPress maintenance agency will regularly scan the website for malware and vulnerabilities. If any are found, they will immediately be eliminated.

2. Improved Accessibility

A WordPress website that is not regularly maintained can have pages that load slowly. Reduced functionality puts off users. Studies show that modern consumers would rather search for a new site instead of spending additional time waiting for a page to load.

A reduction in the number of users visiting your website will lead to a lower search ranking. Consequently, a reduced ranking might result in low sales. It can also lead to reputational damage since your site’s popularity will diminish.

Part of the WordPress website management packages is monitoring errors. A WordPress maintenance agency will find any errors that result in lags and eliminate them promptly.

3. Backups

What if something happens that leads to the deletion of your website? Will you have a backup ready? Sometimes, a severe security breach might lead to the deletion of your website.

Web host problems can have the same result. Other times an error can occur on your end and you might delete things accidentally. Whatever the reason, you need to have a backup ready just in case.

WordPress care plans include ensuring a backup is always available. It also involves making sure that the backup is of good integrity. Such backups include more than just WordPress backups.

A qualified WordPress maintenance agency will ensure backups of the whole website, database, and firebase are available. A good service provider automates the backup procedure. They also make sure that the process will not impede the user’s experience.

4. Maintain Focus on Your Business

Do you spend more time than you’d like carrying out maintenance tasks on your WordPress website? If that is the case, you might consider hiring a WordPress maintenance agency. They are always available to make small or large changes to your site.

The changes you might need include uploading a new image, article, or contact form. You might also wish to change the email address. These small tasks might take up the time that you need to focus on your business.

Some people outsource a website design agency to create their site. Minor maintenance tasks might be too small for them to handle.

You might rely on your site as a primary source of income or a side hustle. Therefore, you need to obtain WordPress maintenance services at an affordable price to turn a profit. Always seek to understand how an agency works before going into business with them.

5. Continuous Website Audits

Checking the overall integrity and functionality of a website is essential for every owner. Health checks make sure that your WordPress website is working well with no speed issues. Performance issues may derail your conversion flow.

Your website might be an important source of income. Any disruptions in the conversion of site visitors to customers can reduce your sales. WordPress website maintenance packages usually contain the service of auditing.

Once you join such a service, their first move will be to make sure everything is running as normal. If not, they will fix the issues. The maintenance agency will then monitor any changes made to ensure your site is running without a hitch.

6. SEO Performance

Good WordPress maintenance services should include SEO management services. Experts in the field can set up things such as tags, descriptions, and meta titles to be SEO-friendly. This improves the ranking of your website on various search engines.

To enhance SEO, WordPress maintenance agencies can keep track of search engine ranking. By doing so, the agency can make sure your site ranks as high as possible.

Selecting a Reliable WordPress Maintenance Agency

There are two points of concern when choosing an appropriate WordPress maintenance service. First, think about how they can be of assistance. Second, consider the best one to work with.

When you have an answer to how such a service will help you, it will be easy to select a good one. A WordPress maintenance agency will let you focus on the business side of your website. They will handle security, accessibility, backups, audit, and SEO.

If you need help with WordPress maintenance, we can be of help. We provide 24/7 support as you work on business tasks that generate revenue. Check our plans and select what works for you.