How to Buy a Domain Name That's Already Taken

If you’ve ever purchased a domain name, there’s a good chance that your first choice wasn’t immediately available. You came up with the perfect business name, designed your logo and had your business cards made, only to find out that your dream domain was already taken when you went to register it. Do you accept defeat and change your company name, or are there other options available to still get the domain you have your heart set on? We’re going to take you through how to buy a domain name that is already taken, before you go ahead and rip up your business cards.

Set Your Budget

If you want the exact domain name that you set out to get and won’t take any small alterations for an answer, then you’re going to need to be prepared to pay for it. Think about how much money you’re willing to spend on your dream domain by setting a budget. While it’s important to keep in mind that the most expensive domain name went for $90 million (, you’re likely not going to have to shell out quite as much.

Top domain registrar and web hosting company had this to say on the subject:

Add a Verb To Your Domain Name

If you’re definitely not looking to change your company name altogether and aren’t willing to shell out for your first choice in domains, consider adding a verb to your domain name. Adding a verb to your domain name will allow you to keep your company name and still provides an attractive alternative.

Neil Patel of expands on this in “13 Strategies to Use If Your Domain Name Isn’t Available”:

“This is a popular method of getting around a domain name that’s already taken. There are two big benefits to this technique. First, you can still use your brand name in the URL itself. Second, you don’t have to consider different TLDs. Verbs like “get” and “try” are popular choices as additions to domain names.”

Change the Ending

How important is the “.com” in your domain name? If you’re willing to branch out on your domain’s extension, then you very well may still get your dream domain name. While “.com” was by far the most popular extension in 2019 at 48% worldwide, there are other options available to you that offer their own benefits. talks about why changing your domain’s extension could be a good idea:

“Without compromising the integrity of your domain name, you can simply change the domain ending (aka the top-level domain). Of course, the most used top-level domain is .com, but you have a variety of top-level domains at your fingertips, including .net, .biz, .co, .business and more. Using a top-level domain that applies to your business will help to further convey your brand and the products or services you offer.”

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